Is Your Singing Tool-Box ready to go?

Have a dream of being a singer?

Wondering how to go from a “nobody” to a “somebody”?

Start acting like a professional today, by preparing for life as an active performer.

You never can tell when opportunities will arise. Sometimes it’s a matter of creating your own, always you need to work towards it. And when a window of opportunity suddenly opens, you’ve got to be ready to climb through.

There are certain items every singer would benefit from having in their tool box. These will help you be prepared in any number of circumstances.

Here is my list of Tool box “should haves” :

  1. A Program(Set) of Songs – Practiced, Polished, Memorized!
  2. A Pitch Pipe- why pick a pitch out of thin air? Stick this in the glove compartment of your car, in a backpack or a bag and have ready if you have a chance to practice or sing with or for someone special. If you start too low or too high… well, you know what happens! (And it’s not pretty).
  3. Backing Tracks: since you can’t carry a live band around with you, backing tracks for pop singers is the perfect solution to needing something to sing to. Backing tracks are another term for “karaoke” tracks, and are simply instrumental recordings – with or without backup vocals – that you can sing too. One caution – make sure that the backing track you buy is in the right key for your voice. ProSound Music Library offers transposable tracks. I’m pretty sure iTunes does also. There are many sites to buy these from. Download and carry with you on a CD or on your iPhone or iPod.
  4. Throat Lozenges. If someone asks you to sing and your throat feels sticky or dry avoid water, since it rinses off the natural lubrication your throat needs. Instead – suck on a cough drop!
  5. A trusted accompanist or group of musicians you can call on to back you live: Wow – you just got a live gig for tomorrow night! Who should you call? Hopefully one or more musicians that you’ve already worked with and can trust. Don’t wait until the last minute to put this together! Keep your eye out at all times for musicians that interest you. See someone you like? Hand them your …
  6. Business Cards with your name and contact info on it. Even if you haven’t got a MySpace page or Website yet – make sure that people know how to get a hold of you. VistaPrints is a great resource for inexpensive cards.
  7. And lastly, A Vision of who you are as an artist, and what your next step needs to be. If you are clear about your path, you’ll recognize when the right opportunity presents itself. Pie-in-the-sky thinking is really an obstacle to success. Be pragmatic, be consistent, be clear and be ready.

As my voice coach, Lois Hartzell, always used to tell me: An Amateur thinks they can just get up and do it. A Professional knows they need to prepare!!