When colds leave you coughing…

It’s really hard to sing when you have post-cold cough. This is usually from thick mucus draining from your sinuses down the back of your throat and onto your larynx.

I have a few favorite remedies, such as gargling with this anti-inflammatory recipe:

In a glass of warm water combine:
* a pinch of salt
* turmeric
* a dash of lemon juice.

Use this gargle after you eat, and try not to drink any water for 30 minutes after, to give the turmeric a chance to calm any swelling in your throat.

Or using a Neti pot to cleanse my sinuses (not for the faint of heart).

But here’s a product that I like because I don’t get drowsy or dry from using: Mucinex. It’s available over the counter, and a bit pricey, so often I’ll buy the generic brand at my grocery store. It works just as well.

Here’s an article written by a doctor with more information about the drug: How Does Mucinex Work?