Les Miserable offers real singing

Which do you prefer: a smooth ride with no bumps in the road, or an adventurous trail with potholes and pebbles?  I guess it depends on one’s mood and disposition.

When it comes to singing, nowadays we get more of the former.  Technology smooths out the rough edges with auto-tune and digital enhancements.  At a recent Wicked performance that I attended, I noticed that everyone in the show seemed to have the same quality to their voices.  It took me a while to realize that I was listening to digital sound manipulation in a live situation.

Here’s an article about director Tom Hooper discussing his preference for live singing in the new movie production of Les Miserable.

You can hear the singing in the trailer:




I have a good friend (an acoustic bass player) who once told me that it was very difficult for him to listening to singing because the sound was so raw and emotional.  It made him uncomfortable.  For me, that’s the reason I like singing.  I want to experience the emotional rush of being swept up in the feelings of pain, joy, excitement or dread that singing can express.

Which do you prefer?