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Free Assessments are 30 minute sessions intended to answer your questions, let me know what you are looking for from singing lessons, get some feedback on your current singing technique and give you a chance to determine if you are ready to move forward with learning from me.

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Build your Foundation to Singing (course)

This 6 week course, which can be purchased in two segments, covers the 8 principles to preparing you to sing.  Just as you don’t wake up and suddenly decide to run a marathon, it takes preparation and practice of basic body mechanics to learn to breathe correctly, sing a pleasing tone, and expand your range from low to high.

Learn from home between sessions. Video or audio recorded singing exercises, instruction and practice techniques included.

Course topics include: Breath Support, Resonance, Laryngeal function, Posture, Eliminating Vocal Tension, Best practices for learning a song, Singing Exercises, How to warm up and cool down before and after singing.

For purchase after booking your Free Assessment

Secondary courses include “Expanding Your Technique,” “Audition Preparation” and “Learning to Sing for Children”

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  • For Your Loved One: ILuvU

    Tell that special someone in your life that you love them.  Use this code to purchase 3 – 45 minute lessons at a 15% discount.  Use the code ILuvU to purchase 3 – 45 minute lessons for 15% off.  

  • For your kid’s Birthday: YouRaStar

    Is there a kid in your household who won’t stop singing!  This is the perfect birthday present! Use this code to purchase 3 – 30 minute lessons at a 10% discount.  Use the code YouRaStar to purchase 3 – 45 minute lessons for 15% off.

Buy a customized Musical Gift Certificate.

This is so much fun. Purchase a gift certificate for someone and I’ll  email them a personalized musical certificate that will delight them! After they received the certificate, they’ll schedule a free assessment.  Here’s a sample Musical Gift Certificate to preview

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All lessons must start with a  free assessment – let’s make sure I’m the right teacher for you.   Set that up!


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