My 3 year old loves to sing – what should I do?

I’ve heard this question from parents many times.  My child sings all the time, in the car, at home, everywhere!  How do I encourage her love of singing, and should she take singing lessons?

While I encourage parents to fan the flame of their child’s love of singing, it’s possible that 3 is too young for an individual singing lesson.  However, there are many things you CAN do to help your child become more musical.  Here are a few ideas:

Go to the library and pick out children’s music CD’s that you think he’ll enjoy.
Play the CD in the car when your son or daughter has nothing else to do but listen – if they are anything like my children, they’ll ask for one or two songs over and over again.  If you can stand it – repeat the songs.  This is the best way for a young indexchild to learn something, by hearing it again and again.
Watch a musical on DVD, then listen to the recording of the same show.

What does your child gain from watching and listening to music?

If they sing along, they’ll be matching their pitch to the singers.  This helps children learn to sing on pitch.  They’ll also learn more about rhythm, musical intervals (the distance between notes), tempo, phrasing… all sorts of things!

indexAnd if your child is still in love with singing by age 5, a personal singing teacher can introduce notation to them by learning a song using sheet music.  In my studio, I teach a song to a young child through call and response, but I also show them the notes on the page to start familiarizing them with what written musical notation looks like, as well as other symbols and terms on the page.

Lastly, learning to sing solos often leads to the opportunity to sing in a student recital or concert, which is a great opportunity to gain confidence and poise in front of a group of people – always an important skill for anyone!

So if your youngster shows an interest in singing, start by stopping by the library or video store.  There is a lot of great music waiting to be discovered!