Create your own opportunities. Don’t wait to be discovered!

I’ve been following my passion for singing since I was in 4th grade!

Even at that age I saw that, while there are the lucky few who – due to luck or fortune – find easy success, most of us have to work to find our way in the fickle and capricious world of entertainment.  I’ve told this story before – but I have such a strong memory of being on the playground with Rosemary, who was cute and more popular than me, and having a singing competition in front of the other kids.  I KNEW I was the better singer – but she won.

And I pursued a singing career for many years without success – undermining myself with the belief that somehow I wasn’t good enough to be chosen.  I focused on the auditions I didn’t get, and waited and worried for my big opportunity when I won the lotto, or some such magic would occur and it would be ME who was chosen.

Until I realized that I could CREATE my own opportunities.

From that moment on my voice opened up, my creativity exploded and I became a frequent performer, concert producer, organizer, promotor. I’ve published articles in various media sources on singing and music, represented other artists, advertised a gazillion events, and continue to perform even today as a voice coach and career guidance counselor for singers.

My change of attitude made a huge difference in my singing and in my career.  Once I switched from being passive – waiting for the nod, to be chosen, for the opportunity to present it self – to being pro-active, I gained movement in all areas of my life.  I owned the power and my confidence expanded.

Here are just a few of the ways I sing and perform in the world:

  • Creating and Organizing Fundraising Concerts
  • Singer/storyteller for puppet theater
  • Singing in retirement communities
  • Hosting recitals for others at open mics, retirement communities
  • Singing the National Anthem at Games and Events
  • Singing for hire in churches, at memorials, at parties

Again, these are all events that I’ve initiated.  And why not? I encourage you to think out of the box: then dream, plan, act.

Here’s someone I admire who decided to take things in her own direction.  It’s brilliant:

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