The Internet is an amazing resource

I know a lot of people use online instruction videos for basic techniques, so I picked out a couple to share with you.

Here’s a good WikiHow
article on singing:

In the article, he stresses the importance of getting in front of a teacher.  While there are basics to singing, the way you use these techniques needs to beobserved and fine-tuned, since we’re often unaware of our bad habits!

Here’s another article that talks about common misconceptions around singing like: lessons are only for people who don’t know how to sing or thinking, “I like this song, but it’s outside of my range.” Check out Learning To Sing.

Singing and performing well takes time, experience and repetition to allow us to evolve our skills. Loving the process is crucial because there are no quick fixes. Bottom line: working on it today will make you better tomorrow. And doing it now rather than waiting until you are good enough is a lifestyle choice.

Hey, it took me years to get to the point where I loved my singing. But I did it anyways because I felt like I didn’t have a choice. Can you relate?

That’s why I keep coming back, and saying – study again!  Any art form you pursue is full of nuances.  You never know what you’ll discover next time.