About Lessons

Both my daughter and I love NW Vocal Arts (Malya). I have been taking my daughter to Malya for a
couple of years now and her vocals are so different from then and now.

Amazing! Malya does so much outside of just lessons for her students she
really tries to get them out there and is always pushing my daughter
to go above and beyond what she thinks she can do.
– Amber Payne

Singers in my studio range in age from 9 to 89 years old!
relatively speaking 🙂

Singing is a great way to gain confidence, express your emotions and connect with other people.  I help you see where your singing is getting stronger, and figure out which skills still need work.  I also help students put together resources for a resume and head shot or help them find accompanists or band mates.

Styles sung in the studio: Rock, Pop, Broadway, Disney, Classical, Spiritual, Art Songs, Country.  Pretty much anything!

Using Google Docs, you’ll get ongoing lesson notes and vocal exercises recorded specifically for you.  Online singing lessons happen on Voicelessons.com.

I also often send out announcements about opportunities like auditions, commercials, free admission to live shows, open mic’s, interesting videos and anything else of interest that comes across my desk.

Check out my Spotlight on a Student series.

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seniors singing around piano

Here’s what some of my students are saying about me:

“Best First Time Ever”

Malya, whom I fondly call “Teach” at times, is the best coach and mentor I’ve known since I started singing.  She is a professional at heart and knows her craft. Her confidence and strong presence is second nature.  One thing I admire about her style is the way I feel after a session. It gives me the impetus and motivation that I find myself working hard taking her tips to heart.   She has helped me achieve the level of confidence that I have long agonized about. I can write a manual on her teaching process but as of the moment, I am enjoying it like I’m having my first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. I am not saying that her style is easy that I can sleep on it .  In fact, I work hard knowing that she is an accomplished performer and teacher because she has the work ethic and the passion to excel in her craft.

-Jeneva Canlas Takasawa

“I found exactly what I was looking for!”

Malya is a really great teacher and has taught me so much in the short time I have been taken. I love that she does lessons out of her home and it is a very relaxed and comfortable environment. She isn’t super strict, but she keeps me structured so that I can learn to my full potential. Malya does a great job and from the first day we met, she has understood me completely and she was a perfect match everything I wanted in a vocal teacher! I wish we could get together more often so she can really help me be successful in singing.

– Sarah Flores

“A soprano gem”

Malya Muth is a soprano soloist who possess a voice of great warmth and emotional expressiveness. Her vocal range is very wide and seamless. Her diction is wonderfully clear and free of “British” affectation. She has the necessary emotive abilities to energize the text of the music she is performing. It is a voice full of freshness and ease of production. She has been thoroughly trained by great a teacher, who was possessed of depth and understanding of style and technique, Ms. Lois Hartzell. From this fine teacher, Malya has also learned the important techniques of teaching both young and experienced singers. Malya is, in fact, an excellent studio teacher, and one I do highly recommend to all.

She has performed all of my composed songs for soprano and organ or piano, and no one has done them as sensitively or with greater conviction than she.

James Paul, DMA
President, Academy of Music Northwest

“The high point of my week!”

Malya introduced me to the technique of using my voice as an instrument, and the result of a more beautiful tone delighted me. The teacher was effective and upbeat,encouraging and patient. My voice lesson was the high point of my week!

– Michelle Coad