About Malya

I started out with a big passion for singing as a little kid.  And stage fright was also a problem for me.  I never let that stop me.  I can’t count the number of times I crashed and burned when I stood up and sang for people.  But I am blessed with an in-grown stubbornness and persistence that won the day.

After earning my BA in Voice Performance from the University of Washington, I developed my career and went on to sing opera roles like Mimi in La Boheme, the Queen of Shemaka in Le Coq D’or, and Constanza in Abduction from the Seraglio.

I am a working Soprano.
Hear me sing

Later, I discovered I enjoyed fundraising so I began producing events to raise money for non-profits like Northwest Harvest and Ladies Musical Club.

I also love singing Art song recitals.  Here I am singing with Ladies Musical Club:


From a Ladies Musical Club concert at St. Dunstan’s in Shoreline.