Lessons for Kids

Lessons are $40 per single 30 minute session.

Discounted packages available. Sign up for a Free Assessment with this link: https://schedulemylesson.as.me/

Personalized to fit your child’s current ability, training starts with learning fun songs that motivate your child, and weaves in vocal skills to strengthen their ability to sing on pitch, use a stronger tone, help them with breath control and increase their range. At the same time, your child will be introduced to looking at sheet music to understand rhythm, and learn to read musical notation.

Sessions are 30 minutes each.

Our time together may also include coaching for musicality, performance/audition preparation, strategies for overcoming stage fright and song writing.  Quarterly recitals are voluntary and opportunities for outside learning or performing are passed along as they occur.

  • Sign up for a subscription – lessons drop to $35
  • Discounts for packages available
  • Let me give your child a gift for his or her Birthday! ($5 off their lesson during their birthday week)
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All lessons start with a Free Assessment.

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