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I’m currently writing teaching sheets including links to YouTube videos that I’ve vetted with exercises you can use to help strengthen your understanding and practice of the core Foundations of Singing principles included in your lessons.

As I go – I’ll list those on this page.

Here are the articles I’ve got so far:

  1. Breath to Singing – Part 1: Inhaling/Exhaling
  2. Breath to Singing – Part 2: Exhaling to vibrating your Vocal Folds
  3. Understanding Pitch
  4. Resonance

Check back as I add more for: Laryngeal function,  Avoiding vocal tension, singing exercises, and best practices for learning a new song.


You can also go to my YouTube playlist where all the videos are being gathered.
Click this link to go there: Malya’s YouTube Channel Learning Center. Again, these links are also embedded in the teaching sheets above.

Or choose from the list below:

(Newest) – How to release tension under the tongue
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Why this Matters

Learn Straw Phonation –
World renowned Doctor of Vocalagy – Dr. Ingo Titze -demonstrates his technique.

How the Vocal Folds Vibrate –
Animated and super helpful video on how air pressure generates vocal vibration. 

How the Diaphragm works –
Primary information to understanding how the breath works.

Looking inside at your Vocal Tract
Fun video called, “Singing in the MRI,” gives you an inside look at the vocal tract and how the tongue, larynx, and soft palate affect tone.

Inhaling through the straw
Angie shows you the first step to learning breath management.

Breath to sound exercise
Angie shows us the straw, the snake and the bee.

Exercise to release Tongue Tension –
Tongue tension is very common. Though the exercise can be tricky, it’s very useful.

Another breath to sound exercise
Ginger shows us a speaking exercises to build strength into our breathing muscles.

Using the straw for vocal warm ups –
Valerie demonstrates exercises to release tension in the voice using the straw.

Articulator Exercise
Try this fun warm up exercises from Andrea to get the insides of your mouth ready to sing. 

“The Tent” –
Here’s a neat video about posture and breathing.  Very woo-woo, yet useful!

Picking the right Musical Theater song for auditions
This article from Backstage.com is a comprehensive look at finding the right song for your audition.

Keep checking back – more to come!