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News about Summer Music Theatre Camps

Parents – does your talented kid plan to perform this summer? Auditions for Musical Theatre camps start in February 2015 If your child is hoping to get a choice role in the summer musical, you’ll need to start planning now. Here are the auditions that I found so far: Broadway Bound’s Summer TEEN production is

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Learn to memorize quickly

Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly. Be prepared! These tips will help you memorize new lyrics or a monologue in short order!   )

Early Celebrity, is it worth it?

I remember when Charlotte Church was all the rage.  Her voice was so pure, and touched many people as a result.  Other young singers – usually little girls – have followed in her footsteps.  Jackie Evancho being the latest.  Here’s an article that discusses the disadvantages of pushing a talented youngster towards fame too early:

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Greyson meets Miss Gaga

There is a new kid in town, and his name is Greyson Chance. I came across him quite by accident but there he was, on Youtube singing Paparazzi to a group of girls who looked quite taken with him. I was too! Here‚is a kid – he happens to go to school in my kid‚is

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GLEE’s success with kids

What would happen if all of the kids who love the show GLEE started joining glee clubs and show choirs at school and in their community? Nowadays, it already seems to be pretty common knowledge that studying music theory through singing or learning a musical instrument helps children develop math concepts, abstract thinking skills, and

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