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How to Rock your Specialty Karaoke Song

Let’s look at what you need to do to prepare yourself for singing Karaoke. Choose a song that fits your voice Wow, easy to say – harder to decide, right? Here’s what you need to know about the song you are choosing: How high does the song go? Can you reach all the notes comfortably? This

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Create your own opportunities. Don’t wait to be discovered!

I’ve been following my passion for singing since I was in 4th grade! Even at that age I saw that, while there are the lucky few who – due to luck or fortune – find easy success, most of us have to work to find our way in the fickle and capricious world of entertainment.  I’ve

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Kendra Morris – there’s a new girl in town

Does Experience Matter? How about perseverance? A few days ago I posted an article about how Susan Boyle’s fairy tale dream has been tempered by reality.  Like everyone else, I was moved by her story – and admittedly – she was not the best candidate for instant stardom.  However, as a singing coach, her experience

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