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News about Summer Music Theatre Camps

Parents – does your talented kid plan to perform this summer? Auditions for Musical Theatre camps start in February 2015 If your child is hoping to get a choice role in the summer musical, you’ll need to start planning now. Here are the auditions that I found so far: Broadway Bound’s Summer TEEN production is

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Learn to memorize quickly

Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly. Be prepared! These tips will help you memorize new lyrics or a monologue in short order!   )

My 3 year old loves to sing – what should I do?

I’ve heard this question from parents many times.  My child sings all the time, in the car, at home, everywhere!  How do I encourage her love of singing, and should she take singing lessons? While I encourage parents to fan the flame of their child’s love of singing, it’s possible that 3 is too young

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