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How to Rock your Specialty Karaoke Song

Let’s look at what you need to do to prepare yourself for singing Karaoke. Choose a song that fits your voice Wow, easy to say – harder to decide, right? Here’s what you need to know about the song you are choosing: How high does the song go? Can you reach all the notes comfortably? This

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The Internet is an amazing resource

I know a lot of people use online instruction videos for basic techniques, so I picked out a couple to share with you. Here’s a good WikiHow article on singing: http://www.wikihow.com/Sing In the article, he stresses the importance of getting in front of a teacher.  While there are basics to singing, the way you use these techniques needs to beobserved and

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Learn to memorize quickly

Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly. Be prepared! These tips will help you memorize new lyrics or a monologue in short order!   )

Auditioning for a Singing Competition

Are you considering it? Auditioning for X-Factor? Maybe you are just inspired by the singing shows, and want to try out for a school talent show or do a community open mic.  Or you love Karaoke. All of these opportunities will be better if you prepare.  So here is the first of two videos I’ve

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My 3 year old loves to sing – what should I do?

I’ve heard this question from parents many times.  My child sings all the time, in the car, at home, everywhere!  How do I encourage her love of singing, and should she take singing lessons? While I encourage parents to fan the flame of their child’s love of singing, it’s possible that 3 is too young

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Why singers should watch, “So You Think You Can Dance?”

I’ve been watching “So you think you can dance?” this season.  In case you’ve never heard of it, this reality t.v. show celebrates trained dancers who have some professional experience, but seem to be mostly coming out of dance studios in their late teens. This show is unique in the genre of reality shows because

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Early Celebrity, is it worth it?

I remember when Charlotte Church was all the rage.  Her voice was so pure, and touched many people as a result.  Other young singers – usually little girls – have followed in her footsteps.  Jackie Evancho being the latest.  Here’s an article that discusses the disadvantages of pushing a talented youngster towards fame too early:

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Learn all the Secrets Professionals Use to Sing

People tell you that you sing well, but YOU know you could be better! You want better high notes, more breath control and a tone that will WoW an audience. (And sometimes you suffer from stage fright.) Students who’ve studied with me have gone on to win competitions, join bands and learn to sing like

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